My new girl.

So this old girl is a matching #’s 1973 New Yorker Brougham 440. She has a 904 trans, 2.73 open gears with 59,000 miles, stored since 1985. It has 86 tags. Well this vehicle was sold to the Charles Kee Collection (Google it) in 1985 in Brothers, Or. The guy collected cars. Alot of cars. 400+ A,B,C body Mopars to be exact. He apparently kept them stored inside for god knows how long. From what I was told Mr. Kee died in around ’07 and ALL of the cars got put outside in the desert. Who in there right mind would put these cars out in the desert? His f-ing wife of course. So around the first part of this year she kicked the bucket and they ALL went up for auction. Apparently all the B-bodies (200 of them) got bought by 3 europeans AND SHIPPED OUT. The dude I bought it from bought this car and a 72 400BB Newport for 1300 bucks. So he got her runnin’ and the Newport (turns out the Newport had a cracked block) The New Yorker runs like a champ after sitting almost 30 years. This New yorker is in amazing condition. It doesn’t get a whole lot better then this. The vinyl top is gone from the sun. Luckily Mr. Kee coverered the salvageable interiors and saved them! The interior of this car is, no shit, damn near like new. The paint from years of weather I thought was shot but I was wrong. Thanks to my skills and 3M SUPER DUTY rubbing compound. This old bitch shines like new.

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Anyway I bought a cover for her and stabilized the fuel today cuz she seeps a little some where near the firewall. Thats it for today. More to come.